To Our Readers - BinderBits on Hiatus

By: Jordan Binder


To Our Dedicated Readers and Fans,

The staff at BinderBits will be going on hiatus for an indefinite period of time. This decision is, unfortunately, being made because of our external commitments with other full-time student and work positions. We would like to thank our readership who have take the time to find our work, seek out our observations on the electronic entertainment industry, and come back for more each and every day. We wouldn't have had the patience, excitement, or fulfillment we've had working on BinderBits without you. You can still find us all on Twitter, and our handles will be provided below.


A million thank you's,

BinderBits Staff


Jordan Binder@JordanTheBinder

Richard Wilcox@RichardW55

Chris Giordano - @ChrisGiordano_

Dustin Granberry - @dustyshotfirst

Frankie Godoy@FrankieGodoy




Jordan Binder

BinderBits is owned and operated by myself, Jordan Binder. I am an undergraduate at Georgetown University, and I have a passion for reporting the news and giving my opinion about entertainment; specifically video games and animation.