King of Fighters XIV Demo Available Now!

Source:  PlayStation

At EVO 2016, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, developer Atlus announced their upcoming title King Of Fighters XIV alongside a demo that is available now.

The game will feature a 48 character roster, classic King of Fighers gameplay, and a storymode for every character in the game. Atlus is touting the game as a return-to-form for the franchise and a refinement of the 3D aspects of the series--such as character models, hit-boxes, and stages. 

Source:  Atlus

Source: Atlus

Alongside the demo, it was revealed that the game will have a Premium Edition, which will come with a Collector's box, steelbook case, a 144-page art book, and a 3 disk soundtrack of the game. The Premium Edition will retail for US $79.99.