PlayStation E3 Press Conference Recap.

By: Richard Wilcox (@richardw55)


E3 is once again upon us, and Day zero, as per usual, was filled with conferences from the “Big Boys”; Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony. I had the pleasure of attending the Sony press conference and man it was a good one. 

Sony opened the show heavy handed—showing footage from the new (and just announced) God of War. We see Kratos, old, grizzled, and…. a Dad? Rocking a killer beard, Kratos can be seen teaching his son how to hunt, which quickly turns into a fight against demons and a giant troll. The new God of War game looks beautiful, and not being a fan of the older games, this new perspective on the hardened character and more exciting combat has me incredibly hyped and interested for the future of this game. 

Next up we saw a new IP from Sony Bend (FINALLY!) called Days Gone. This post-apocalyptic open world Third person shooter follows an old biker gang member turned mercenary and bounty hunter. The trailer shown in the beginning was later accompanied by some gameplay at the end of the show where we see the main character hunting a target down into an old lumber yard. After a short scuffle the main character and his target fall off the roof, breaking the targets leg, right in the middle of a huge zombie horde. A gun and run chase ensues, which ends with our hero(?) stranded on top of a tower surrounded by an extremely large horde. While we were given very little details about the world outside of the trailer or a release date, I’m extremely optimistic about the future of this game and look forward to hearing more about it in the coming months.

The Last Guardian was given a few minutes of stage time, showing off a new trailer and finally giving this game a release date of October 25, 2016. After that we got a look at new Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay, during which Aloy tames and rides one of the cybernetic beasts of this new, machine run, Earth. Still no hard release date for it, but after its delay and seeing this gameplay, I could not be more excited to get my hands on Guerilla Games newest IP.

I was surprised with how much I liked the next game. when Detroit: Becoming Human was announced at PSX I had no interest in it, but this new trailer shown, featuring the main character Connor with all the branching decisions and beautiful visuals, instantly revitalized my interest in this new game from Quantic Dreams studios. 

Next was the entire VR section of the press conference where we got a first look at Resident Evil VII which is playable from beginning to end in PSVR, as well as the announcement of Star Wars: X-Wing Missions VR, Batman Arkham VR, and an Interesting full VR first person shooter called FarPoint. While there aren’t many details about any of these games it was exciting to finally get a firm release date for PSVR (October 13th) and find out that there are going to be over 50 games releasing for PSVR before the end of the year. Next we got another look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with some sick space combat, then a look at Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens where they announced a demo was going live TONIGHT (June 13th, 2016).
The biggest moment in the conference for everyone in attendance was the reveal of Kojima and the reveal of his new game from Kojima Studios—Death Stranding. While there were very little details about the game starring Norman Reedus, the trailer looked beautiful and was 100% Kojima. This was a huge moment, not only because we got to see Kojima’s next game, but it felt like a huge middle finger from Kojima and Reedus to Konomi for their mishandling of Kojima and the now defunct Silent Hills game. 

Overall, PlayStation had an amazing showing at their E3 conference with plenty of exclusives shown and just an overall good time. I was very impressed with what I saw and can certainly say that greatness really does await on Sony platforms in the coming future.


Edited by: Jordan Binder