VR Goes "Wireless" With the Zotac Box

Consumer-friendly VR has a long way to go before it's adopted and accepted into popular culture. Nonetheless, Zotac's newest innovation may be pushing VR there faster than expected.

The Zotac Box is a backpack PC with VR capable hardware, allowing for what Zotac is calling a "Truly mobile room-scale VR experience." According to Zotac's most recent blog post, the Zotac box is a user-friendly device that is worn as a backpack and strapped along the user's torso for stability. It works with the HTC Vive, the VR headset most designed to utilize space and movement through its tracking controllers and headset.

While the company has not specified how much their 'box' (if you can call it a box) will cost or how much it will weight, it certainly seems like a worthwhile concept and one that could reimagine the capabilities of VR for both consumers and developers. Let us know what you think!