Major Balance Changes to Come to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Over Halloween weekend, Infinity Ward took to Reddit to outline some major changes coming to the multiplayer component of the game ahead of launch. The post titled “What We Learned from the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta” talks about changes, most notably weapon balancing and quicker matchmaking, when it comes to Infinite Warfare. Shotguns will be made a bit stronger, with the Reaver and Banshee shotguns specifically getting a larger one hit kill range. Sniper rifles, however are receiving a slight nerf, with aim assist being drastically toned down. Infinity Ward also hopes to fix their multiplayer matchmaking problems by introducing less stringent qualifications to find you that perfect match much faster. 

Our take:

One of my biggest issues with the beta was the amount of time it took from post game to lobby to the next game. Sometimes I would clock it taking an upwards of 6 minutes or more. I am specifically looking forward to seeing improvement in this area.

Overall, after playing the beta myself, Infinity Ward has done a great job listening to the community after two weekends with its game. To check out all the changes coming to Infinite Warfare check out the reddit post here!