Rise Of The Tomb Raider Director Moves To Infinity Ward On To The Next Adventure

By: Dustin Granberry

Director of Rise of the Tomb Raider Brian Horton, announced he'll be leaving Crystal Dynamics in order to “start a new adventure.” As it turns out, that next adventure will be taking place at Activision studio Infinity Ward, known for its work on the Call of Duty franchise.

Source:  TombRaider.com

Horton was senior art director on the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, and then game director of it's  sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. His next endeavor will take him to Woodland Hills, California, where he'll take on the role of studio art director for Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward is presumably working on this year's Call of Duty, as their last game was Ghosts in 2014, and they are next in line on Activision’s 3-team cycle.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be enjoying a PC release later this month on January 28th, while the PS4 version will be releasing at an unknown date later this year. The game is currently available for Xbox One and 360.