Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Announced

By: Dustin Granberry

UPDATE 9/16/2015 5:02 PM: EA has revealed new details regarding the recently announced Drop Zone mode on their official blog today.

The new mode will be a tight 8-versus-8 "King of the Hill"-esque battle, where pods are falling to the ground from orbit, and players must capture and defend them. There are two ways to win: your team can either capture 5 of the pods simultaneously, or if your team has the most pods captured at the end of the 10-minute match.

EA is stressing movement as key component to this game mode. When you capture a pod, it begins to open, and once it does you receive a Power Pickup. Also, as soon as a pod begins to open, a new pod lands on the map, so while there are benefits to sitting on one pod, it might be better to move on, either so you can get a head start on the next pod, or simply to avoid being a sitting duck and getting bombed by an orbital strike. EA said to help move the pace along, another pod would be sent down if the two teams were locked in a battle over one and it couldn't be captured.

Ever since the announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront in 2013, fans have yearned to get their hands on the game. Well, good news for those of you that think November 17th can't come soon enough: Battlefront is getting a beta!

EA has announced that the beta will arrive in "Early October", but an exact date has yet to be specified. The beta will include the gamemode Walker Assault on planet Hoth, a 40­ player multiplayer mode in which both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will be playable. Also included will be gamemode Survival on Tatooine, which allows players to team up with a friend to take on waves of progressively difficult Imperial troops. A third mode called Drop Zone will be available as well, but EA has yet to release any details about it. They've stated that more information will be revealed in the following weeks.

While the beta is transpiring, players will be able to access the Star Wars: Battlefront companion app that's available for iOS, Android, and web browsers. This app allows players to customize your loadouts and appearance, track your stats, and connect to your friends. The app also includes a strategy card game called Base Command, which allows players to unlock weapons and other items via in-­game currency.

According to EA, any progress you make during the beta will not transfer over to the full release on November 17th, so don't get too gung ho on leveling up . The beta launches in early October for PS4, Xbox One, and on PC through Origin. Details about how to access it have yet to be released, though information should arrive in the coming weeks.