PlayStation Plus Lineup and Reccomendations for September 2015

By: Jordan Binder

With the onslaught of games being thrown at you month after month as a PlayStation Plus subscriber, don't you wish there was some handsome, rugged, eloquent wordsmith behind a computer telling you what you should play? Well, wait no longer. That i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶n̶e̶t̶ ̶t̶r̶o̶l̶l beautiful specimen of nature is here!

For anyone uninitiated with these posts, we post a trailer from each game and below that a mini-review of each title. These PS Plus articles in particular take a long time to create, so please be sure to share this with friends, loved ones, family pets, whomever (。♥‿♥。).

This month's games are:

Grow Home (PS4)

Super Time Force Ultra (PS4, Vita)

Xeodrifter (PS4, Vita)

Twisted Metal (PS3)

Teslagrad (PS4,PS3)

La-Mulana EX (Vita)

Grow Home, Developed by Ubisoft Reflections, is fantastic. The game revels in its simplicity and uniqueness.  With a bright color-scheme, interesting gameplay and a welcoming environment, it's a hard game to deliberately pass on. Admittedly, I did not give this game a chance and wrote it off as boring after having only played for an hour. Absolutely add this to your PlayStation library and know that playing this game in its entirety is undoubtedly worth it.


Super Time Force Ultra, developed by Capybara Games, is a really well made side-scrolling shooter. The pixel art is great, the controls feel solid, and the variety of ways someone can play within the game make for a fun single-player experience. I will be spending plenty a-hour with this gem. Definitely add it to your library.


Xeodrifter, developed by Renegade Kid, is an action side-scroller that takes cues from the great Metroidvania games of yesteryear and uses them to create a fun, unique game. Solid controls, fun weapons, and nice art. What more could you want? With the main story being just over 3 hours long, you've nothing to lose by busting this game out for a weekend.


Twisted Metal, developed by Eat Sleep Play, is a vehicular combat game in which cars fight by smashing and shooting into each other. While the game has been critically acclaimed, I have never been one to enjoy the franchise. Twisted Metal is undoubtedly fun and has a community that supports it, but even with all it's good qualities, I could never appreciate the grungy aesthetic or mindlessness of smashing into things. It basically combines my least favorite genres, shooters (exclusively first-person) and racing. I'm giving it a pass, but I recommend you read more to see if you'd enjoy it.


Teslagrad, developed by Rain Games, is what happens when you take the wonder of science and splice it into a puzzle-platformer. There is really nothing else like this game. Don't pass it up. Even after watching trailers and gameplay, I truly didn't care for it until a friend of mine made me sit down and play it; and it was wonderful. Teslagrad is a testament, in an era of gaming filled with franchises, to the fact that there are still interesting, unexplored ideas in this medium.


La-Mulana Ex, developed by Pygmy Studio, is bloody difficult. If every core MegaMan game bumped uglies, La-Mulana Ex this would be their lovechild. This side-scrolling action and puzzle platformer is solid, but not perfect. The difficultly is polarizing to more casual gamers and even to the hardcore audience, there are some obtuse sections that would be very difficult to figure out without some sort of guide. I'm glad I picked it up for a bit, but will not be returning to it and will absolutely not be finishing it. Pass if you have better things to play right now.