Twitch's New Competition, Youtube Gaming, Launches Today

By: Jordan Binder

Hold on to your pants gamers, because there's a lot coming your way. YouTube has officially launched it's livestreaming service YouTube Gaming. This new branch of YouTube will be a new portal for content creators to stream from and another place to find new streamers. YouTube's interface is lavishly designed, easily navigable, and impressive overall.

Source:  Tech Gulp

Source: Tech Gulp

Given the sheer size of Google and their influence on the internet, there is little doubt that YouTube Gaming will be successful. Whether it will stand the test of time and outperform Twitch, however, is another story. Having used both services now, I am unsure which I prefer. Regardless, the only thing keeping me to either website is the streamer on it. If my favorite streamer is on Twitch, that's where i'll be. My only hope is that deals won't be signed to have exclusive streamers on one platform. The less vertical and corporate, the better.