Armada takes EVO 2015

By: Jordan Binder

With multiple impressive top 8 matches, Armada takes EVO 2015 from Hungrybox. With Hungrybox adapting to Armada's play-style, It appeared as if Armada couldn't shift the momentum back to his favor. Lo and behold, Armada seemed to pull through with an impressive new air of confidence that led to Hungrybox's defeat.

The demigod of smash pulls through.

The onslaught of Smash gods that HungryBox pummeled through to get out of the losers bracket was unbelievable. With each match-up, Hungrybox showed versatility, patience, unpopular ledge camping, and overall finesse. Though he couldn't pull through to 1st, he should be proud of himself and his ability to advance the meta-game of smash.

Hungrybox dug himself out of losers like a champ.

The only thing I couldn't understand is why Hungrybox decided to play Fountain of Dreams for the last game. It seemed the obvious choice was Dreamland. If someone more Melee-savvy could explain in the comments, it would be very much appreciated. 

EVO 2015 was an absolute spectacle this year and had the most dramatic matchups I have ever seen. When the world is watching, the big dogs certainly bring their A-game. Congratulations to everyone in the top 8.