Keiji Inafune having KickStarter Backlash with Red Ash?

It seems Keiji Inafune is not having the rampant onslaught of crowdfunding support that he garnered for Mighty No. 9. After more than two weeks on Kickstarter, Inafune's next venture Red Ash and anime tie-in Red Ash-Magicada have just barely grossed 50% of their respective Kickstarter goals.

Red Ash, on the whole, looks like any Mighty No. 9 fan's wet dream. Set in a world aesthetically similar to that of the aforementioned game, this open world anime adventure would provide a departure from Inafune's signature video game genre.

The old school aesthetic hits me right in the 2-D feels.

Perhaps the lack of funding is due to the fact that Mighty No. 9 has yet to come out. With a title that is still not in the hands of consumers, perhaps people are apprehensive about investing in another Inafune title. It's also important to consider that the announcement of the Kickstarter at AnimeExpo flew very 'under the radar' and not much about this new IP was anticipated. 

Whatever the case, I certainly do not believe people are tired of his games or visual style. Here's to Inafune's success!