[BREAKING NEWS] Final Fantasy 7's Cloud will join Super Smash Bros.

In an unexpected turn of events, it appears that Cloud Strife, from the venerated title Final Fantasy 7, will be joining the Super Smash Bros roster. Being that Cloud is one of Square Enix's most beloved and recognizable characters, the choice seems apropos. 

The announcement video above also alluded to some new, unannounced DLC. There is a confused cloud aboard The King of Red Lions (Link's talking dragon boat in The Wind Waker). Not only are we getting a brand new character, but it seems that we're also getting some exciting new maps to play on. 

Although there were some other characters we hoped would be announced (*cough* *cough* Shovel Knight *cough* *cough*) Cloud is a welcomed addition to the roster. I'm certainly excited enough to be busting out my Wii U again to play as one of my favorite characters in all of video games.