Big Team Battle Coming In Next Halo 5 Update

By: Dustin Granberry

343 Industries, the company behind Halo 5 has revealed that Big Team Battle, the 8v8 mode from previous iterations, will be making its Halo 5 debut in next week's update.

Long-time fans of the series were upset at the omission of the game mode at launch, but it appears as though 343 hasn't taken long to rectify the issue. They stated on their Halo Waypoint community update: “In just over a week, the next Halo 5 content drop will be here, and with it comes Big Team Battle in Arena matchmaking, brand-new REQs, and a whole ton of juicy vehicular combat.”

Source: Xbox

Source: Xbox

343 gathered some of the community's top forgers and asked them to create maps specific to Big Team Battle, based off of their favorite classic BTB maps. Four of those maps will be playable when the update goes live next week, namely: Deadlock, Basin, Guillotine, and Recurve.


Be sure to read the community update for more info on the upcoming content drop and check out some screenshots of the new maps.