Nintendo Has Begun Distributing NX Dev Kits

"I'm happy too pal!"

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has begun distributing development kits for the company's upcoming home console--the NX. This news provides further certainty to the rumor that the Nintendo NX is planned for release in 2016

Nintendo strongly expressed that nothing would be said about their next console until 2016, following their official announcement that the NX was in development. This strategy was implemented to ease themselves of the responsibility of providing quality first-party titles for the Nintendo Wii U, which has horribly undersold over the last 3 years.

Nintendo has shifted its consumer's mindsets towards the future and away from the Wii U's abysmal reputation. With development kits out in the wild and a slowing-down of flagship games for the Wii U, this news seems to solidify that the NX could be out as early as Q4 of next year.