As an Anthropology Major, I’m Super Excited for Far Cry Primal

By: Chris Giordano (@chrisgiordano_)

If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that I’m a joint-major student studying Anthropology. This means I have had some exposure to archaeology and studying the Old World (Africa and Europe), the New World (North and South America), and our human ancestors—including those beyond the Homo species. I also am completely in love with the Far Cry series. I didn’t play much of Far Cry 3 (I know, I’m sorry), but I completely loved Far Cry 4. So, when Ubisoft announced Far Cry Primal, set during the Mesolithic time-period approximately 12-thousand-years ago, my worlds collided. One of my favourite first-person action games mixed with my field of study? Take all of my money, Ubisoft. Take it already!

Source:  Ubisoft

Source: Ubisoft

This reminds me of something straight out of my textbook. I can’t wait!

Simplifying the Far Cry system by removing vehicles and guns from the core mechanics and incorporating weapons such as spears, clubs, and bow and arrows shows how dedicated Ubisoft Montreal is to making the game as realistic and true as possible. This is something that Far Cry, in general, really exceeds in: the setting is extremely fleshed out and done with a great level of expertise. The fact that they’ve decided to rid co-op from the game completely, proves that they are very committed to making this game great and continuing their trend of releasing top-notch games for the series.

The Takkar trailer, which you can watch below, is a like a dream for me. It allows me to visualize and put myself in the world when times were completely different than what I am used to. It’s great to see something that I’ve studied be as real as possible. Obviously there is no way to turn back time, but Far Cry Primal is a great way to experience life as a Paleo-Indian from our past. There are megafauna (literally translates to huge animals) such as mammoths and bears, with animals such as tigers and wolves appear to play a pivotal role in terms of hunting said megafauna. It’s a fantastic way to look at the way of life of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

In typical Far Cry fashion, and as it is clearly spelled out in the trailer, it appears that you’ll be leading a tribe with hopes to survive, and battle, against a certain antagonist in hopes to restore the homeland. You’ll play as Takkar, a “beast-master,” who has the ability to tame animals and use them as an important tool in your fight. It takes heavy inspiration from the Shangri-La missions in Far Cry 4.

I love how they stay true to hunter-gatherer tactics. It has been stated in multiple reports from big gaming sites such as IGN and Gamespot, that you have your home-base, which will be the central area that you will constantly return to in order to get new missions and upgrade your weapons. It’s a departure from what Far Cry 3 and 4 had, which was various safe-points and villages that you would raid in order to gain leadership of the area. Again, this relates to the idea that Ubisoft is staying as true as possible to the setting and making the game as realistic as possible. 

The blending of my studies with my love of video games makes me so much more excited for Far Cry Primal than I would have been if it was in any other setting. Take it with a grain of salt though, as nobody can truly recreate how our ancestors lived in the past, but I’m still extremely optimistic with how it will turn out.

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