The PlayStation VR Buyers Guide

By: Jordan Binder (@JordanTheBinder)

So you've just bought a PlayStation VR unit for $400-500. You've taken the plunge into uncharted video game territory, and your wallet can't take anymore abuse because of it. Like most of us, you want to get the most bang for your buck from here on, but you're not sure what games are worth it.

Below you will find a no-frills buyers guide to everything launching with PSVR. Note that there are no synopses--we'll let the trailers speak for themselves--just a verdict on the games and whether or not they're worth your time and money.


100 Foot Robot Golf

Retail price: $19.99

The verdict: BUY, but know what you're getting yourself into.

Why: 100 Foot Robot Golf is reminiscent of the zaniness found in games like Katamari Damacy, which is a huge plus to fans of these ridiculous experiences. It is also a huge negative for those that pass on deliberately strange games. Wherever you fall, there is something to like in this game and it turns the sport of golf on its head in an interesting way. 100 Foot Robot Golf is worth a try and is fairly priced for the experience you would be getting if you bought it.

Ace Banana

Retail price: $14.99

The verdict: Fun for a while, but won't hold your attention. Buyer beware.

Why: It's important to know that Oasis Games is attempting to publish 5 VR games by the end of 2017. That should both alarm and inform you as to what kind of game Ace Banana is. It's an endearing and funny archery game, but is not currently worth the price and feels graphically shoddy. You'll have fun, but you'll also wonder why this wasn't $5-10.

Batman: Arkham VR

Retail price: $19.99

The verdict: BUY.

Why: Batman: Arkham VR is the quintessential VR experience for any fan of superheroes. There is no hyperbole when I say that looking myself in the mirror (in-game) and seeing myself move as Batman was an unforgettable experience. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There isn't much of a game here, but for the price-point, it is exactly the kind of experience you need to have in the living room; not just for yourself, but to show off just how amazing VR can be.


Retail price: $59.99

The verdict: DEMO, then buy when the price drops to $40 or less.

Why: Battlzone's demo, included with your PSVR, is sufficient in giving you a taste for what this game is. It is an exceptionally fun game, but is lacking significantly in content and is not worth $60. The demo will tide you over until the game goes down in price, and after that i'd give Battlezone a go. I'd feel 'nickeled and dimed' having spent $60 on this game.


Retail price: $19.99

The verdict: Buy if you've got the cash.

Why: Bound is beautiful and there is definitely a game to be played here, but it wouldn't be my first choice if I was tight on cash. The setting and vibrancy of the world fit well into VR, but I've found that there are cheaper ways to experience this. Because the gameplay does not carry this game alone, I'd say this is only worth your time if you've experienced most of the other offerings on PSVR.

Driveclub VR

Retail price: $39.99

The verdict: SKIP. Don't waste your time.

Why: The aesthetics and immersiveness of being in a car in VR are pretty amazing, but the dull gameplay and limited racing options hold this back from being both fun or lengthy. I generally like racing games, but Driveclub never did it for me, and Driveclub VR certainly doesn't do it either. Wait until it's $10-20 if you're clamoring for the chance to sit in a virtual Ferrari and whiz past rugged terrain.

Eve: Valkyrie 

Retail price: $59.99

The verdict: MUST BUY.

Why: Many have said that the best VR experiences will be space and flight simulators--reducing motion sickness and allowing for fun combat. They weren't wrong, and EVE: Valkyrie is proof of that. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to fly in space, gunning down enemy ships and feeling powerful while looking out at the vast void of space. Making perfect use of motion tracking and 3D audio technology, EVE: Valkyrie puts you in the hot-seat in ways no game could have ever done before. It's overwhelmingly fun, immersive, and deserves to be at the top of your list for PSVR games to purchase.

EVE: Gunjack

Retail price: $9.99

The verdict: It's a quality, albeit short, $10 game. Go for it.

Why: Eve: Gunjack is fun, short, and likely won't hold your attention for more than a day. Given the price-point, I'd say that's fine. It's a fun experience with arcade-style controls that will likely keep you coming back to play. Just don't bank on it being your favorite VR title.

Harmonix Music VR

Retail price: $14.99

The verdict: DEMO it.

Why: I enjoyed being inside a music visualizer and making some funky-looking partygoers dance, but I likely won't be playing Harmonix Music VR again. It's worth trying out for the novelty of what it has to offer, but after that it's fairly boring and gives the player very little reason to return. When Harmonix decides to release a full-length music game, I'll be more interested.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD

Retail price: $49.99

The verdict: PASS.

Why: This simply isn't worth your time unless you are a Hatsune Miku fan. The VR support being added also has no gameplay functionality-- just a way to see her performances in VR. Even for a die-hard Hatsume Miku fan, I don't see why you'd want this, though I won't question your devotion if you decide to pick it up ;).


I hope this helps in deciding what to play and what to avoid!