Why I'm excited for Metal Gear Solid V

By: Richard Wilcox

I have a confession to make. I have never played a core Metal Gear game. I played MGS:Peace Walker on my PlayStation Vita because it was on sale and really loved it, but no other MGS has caught my eye. Ever. I have a friend who is one of the world's biggest Metal Gear fanboys, right up there with my boy Greg Miller of Kinda Funny, who constantly tries to tell me it is the best video game series of all time, the pinnacle of gameplay and story. While I don't get the obsession nor do I understand the main storyline at all (like seriously AT ALL. If someone wants to try and explain please do) I respect my friend's obsession because we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to art. That being said I am extremely excited for Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain; the main reason being that the gameplay seems exciting and different, and I feel that there are endless amounts of ways to approach this game.

Source:  The Games Cabin

Everything I've read and seen about this game makes it appear to not just be a huge sandbox, but a sandbox with alot of sand. Its filled with numerous different events and activities that can each be approached in a number of different ways, giving the game a lot of replayability and just adding to the overall fun of the game. Peace Walker being the only Metal Gear game I have played also makes this game a big seller for me because I have a chance to actually understand the story a little bit. I’ll be the first to admit that although I have never enjoyed the Metal Gear franchise, Snake is a pretty bad ass character, and I’m excited to actually have a chance to learn more about him and his background. Snake as a character right now doesn't mean much to me. in fact he means basically nothing, but I'm happy to finally give Metal gear a chance to change that, and give me a connection I haven't felt to a character since Dom Santiago in the Gears of war franchise.

The biggest reason I am buying this game is because it looks like a game that i can really sink my teeth into and spend hours upon end with without feeling completely overwhelmed. The Witcher 3 for example was a huge game, and for me it was too big and the side quests had very little meaning to the story or me. Not only that but it seemed to lack any real villain I could truly get behind and care enough about to keep playing. MGSV seems to challenge all of that that, by giving me side quests that add to the story, giving me the freedom to complete them how I feel “My Snake” would and making the villains really seem like villains that I feel compelled to stop. Although, like I previously stated, I do not know Snake as a character, but just the vibe i get from looking at him makes me excited to hop into The Phantom Pain and get to finally learn more about who he is and how exactly he got that awesome robot arm.

September 1st for me can’t come soon enough because now I finally have a game that I think will satisfy my need for a truly amazing sandbox game.