Artist of the Week: Rebecca Sugar

By: Jordan Binder

Source:  Indiewire

Source: Indiewire

This week's artist is Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe and animator. Sugar got her start as an Animation Revisionist for the now-venerated show Adventure Time. From there, Sugar was promoted to Storyboard Artist and heavily contributed to the show's most revered episodes, such as "Simon & Marcy" and "Mortal Folly."

Rebecca left Adventure Time in its 5th season to focus her attention on her newly green-lit show, Steven Universe. Rebecca boasts an incredible art style and a perfect mind for crafting whimsical stories that people of all ages can enjoy. Her characters and their idiosyncrasies feel so genuine that you cannot help but become enamored with them. This incredible woman is sure to continue seeing success for the foreseeable future.

A gallery of stills from Steven Universe and  concept art, as well as her short film Singles, are below for your enjoyment.