Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions

Source:  EA

Source: EA

For those who don't know, the Star Wars: Battlefront beta is well underway and receiving an extension until Tuesday, October 13th. The full game, slated for release on November 17th, will have several modes, maps, and character customization options not presently in the beta. The last few days I've spent playing the beta have been something really special. Here's the lowdown.

  • The game needs balancing. That clearly makes sense considering they put the beta out in part to test the game. I hope to see some better matchmaking and a less one-sided game by the November release.
  • It was fun to be back playing Battlefront, but this online experience pales in comparison to the epic feel of the original Battlefront games. For those who played the originals and are expecting something similar, know that the game is more like a Star Wars themed Battlefield. That may sound like a bad thing, but on the contrary...
  • I haven't had this much fun with a first person shooter since Halo 3, and I mean it. For someone who brushes off FPS titles in favor of adventure games and platformers, I felt right at home on Hoth. Shooting down AT-ATs and shooting down Stormtroopers was a better experience than I ever had playing a Call of Duty, Killzone or Battlefield game. I think this is a great entry point into the FPS scene for gamers who are disillusioned with the annualized franchises in the genre.
  • The game looks fantastic and feels good. After playing around with the sensitivity and got used to the blaster, I felt very comfortable with the game's mechanics.
  • The only hesitation I have to this game when it's released is the fact that there won't be a single player or cooperative campaign. After playing the beta, I am confident that the developers will deliver on a great online experience, but unfortunately that doesn't cut it for me. I play games primarily to enjoy a cohesive, fleshed-out narrative alongside a fun-to-play adventure. Multiplayer has always been a secondary component to me. For this reason, I really don't think I'm gonna want to pay full price for an online-only game. I can understand why Peter Moore would say "Very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games. That’s what the data points to" but games set in the Star Wars universe cannot be lumped into "these kinds of games" aka annualized FPS titles. I want to interact with Luke and Darth and have those experiences so much more than I want to play around in a multiplayer map. I know i'm in the minority, but it's still true for me.

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