Steven Universe: "Nightmare Hospital"

It's ABOUT TIME! I couldn't go another day without this show. (。♥‿♥。)

This episode of Steven Universe begins with the typical tomfoolery you expect when turning on the program. Steven is dropping off Connie at her home when he makes an overwhelming gesture: he gives Connie his mother Rose's sword. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Connie humbly accepts, though doesn't keep it for long. Mrs. Maheswaran promptly takes it from Connie and heads off to deal with an emergency at the hospital. After following Mrs. Maheswaran, Connie and Steven find themselves in some unexpected peril.

It's always a treat to see Steven and Connie together, as there banter and genuine affection make the show very interesting. "Nightmare Hospital" shied away from a more sitcom-esque  interpretation of romance and underscored the childhood affection that they possess for each other, Their collaborative nature when in peril works beautifully alongside the innocent wonder of what they see and how they view each other. The dark, dingy atmosphere of the hospital also served as a gateway for the viewer to see and think from a child's point of view.

The other high point of "Nightmare Hospital" centered around Connie and her mother. Mrs. Maheswaran vehemently disagrees with letting Connie have a sword and is unyielding. It isn't until Connie proved herself that Mrs. Maheswaran began to relent and reflect on how well she truly knows her daughter. Their exchange in this episode brought a real-life problem into the limelight: tiger parenting. This is when a child is overly micromanaged, watched over and given little to no freedom. To see Mrs. Maheswaran recognize her faults in parenting was illuminating, as many parents in real life cannot come to terms with the problems caused by authoritative ruling. It also speaks volumes about Connie, as she has consistently stood up for herself and never let her loss of independence to create a persona of dependence on her family or others.

Also, "Get your hands off my Connie!" That is all.

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