Minions: More of What You Love (and That's a Good Thing)

On the whole, Minions was an outrageously enjoyable film with numerous laugh-out-loud moments. These little Corn Pops of love captivate you every moment they're on screen. Despite a very typical story line, there are incredible highs points to the film that keep things fresh and engaging.

"Bello Papaganas! Me come tu papaya! Hahahaha!"

From the get-go we see the birth of the minions and their plight to find a master over several centuries. With little success and scant hope, three of these adorable pill-shaped imbeciles set out in search of the baddest villain to serve under. Needless to say, hilarious comedy ensures.

The best thing about Minions, unsurprisingly, are the Minions. These goofballs personify the qualities we all hope to abundantly have in our lives--happiness, love, and devotion. Their mannerisms and sight-gags are nothing short of hilarious for both younger and older audiences in the theater. They were consistently funny, entertaining and exuded the joyfulness you expect when walking into a film like this.

I've always wondered how they grow hair. What are they even made out of?

Unfortunately, Minions wasn't all perfect. Sandra Bullock's performance as Scarlet Overkill proved to be rather flat and irked you with nearly every line. I wasn't particularly fond of anyone other than the Minions in the film. While this detracted from the film's appeal, it was not an absolute crutch to the entire film.

My only other gripe was the fact that this film is offered in 2-D when there are so many obviously 'meant for 3-D' moments. Had I seen the film in 3-D, i'm sure I wouldn't have minded. I simply felt like I was missing out on a lot that the animators intended when creating the film.

Don't be scared Minions. The only thing scary about Scarlet is her acting.

If you weren't a fan of the Minions before Minions, I doubt you'll find anything worth your time here. But for the rest of us, this 104 minute long train of fan service and silly moments really gives the Despicable Me fan everything he or she could possibly ask for. This film was never meant to stretch the fabric of creativity in film. It is exactly as one would expect, and its better off for it. Minions was a delight and I highly recommend it in 3-D.


Amount of  love for Minions: 85/100%