Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 Review

I love horror games, and as you can tell by my Until Dawn review, I especially love horror games that do something different and deviate from the normal jump scare fad we live in today. Albino Lullaby is one such game. Albino Lullaby by Ape Law Games is a silly horror game that actually forces you to scare yourself. Albino Lullaby drops you into a death trap of a mansion, where you spend the next hour and a half trying to escape by solving puzzles and hiding from crazy “tube” monsters. This isn’t you’re average psychological thriller that’s dark, gritty, and filled with loud noises; it’s colorful, weird, and accompanied by an amazing soundtrack. There’s no better way to put it than this; Albino Lullaby is weird. Weird in this case doesn’t mean bad though, and for Albino Lullaby the word actually suits it quite well because with so many horror games coming out with the same redundant formula, weird is what helps Albino Lullaby stand out.

The puzzles are genius in the sense that they are tough, but not so tough to the point you want to quit. They are rewarding and give you a reason to keep going so you can keep feeling that sense of accomplishment. The monsters in the game are something drawn by a madman. They are essentially tubes with empty eyes and sharp teeth. At first glance they seem harmless, like squishy Easter Island heads, but when they start to talk with their hellish tone and chase you until you find the safety of a checkpoint (which are scarce at best) that opinion quickly changes. Storytelling, however, is lacking throughout this section of the game. Granted it is the first episode, but I found myself at the end scratching my head, confused as to what exactly happened. Storytelling aside, this game’s soundtrack alone makes this a must play. Never have I played a game accompanied by such a beautiful and melodic soundtrack. Alone, the soundtrack is something you could put some headphones on and fall asleep to. However combined with the atmosphere of the game and the look of the monsters chasing you, it can be the soundtrack of true nightmares.

Albino lullaby  deserves a place in your library if you call yourself a fan of the horror genre. we need more games like this in the world. Somehow this game manages to be crazy, fun, challenging and different, all while still keeping the horror alive. Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 is a must play for every fan of psychological horror games. With two more episodes to come out in early 2016, I am thrilled to see what’s in store for me in the crazy world of Albino Lullaby.